10 Questions You Should Ask a Landscape Contractor Before Signing a Contract
  1. Who will supervise the work?  What are their qualifications?
  2. Will your firm be at my job everyday until it is completed? (or will you hop from job to job?)
  3. What are the qualifications of your subcontractors?  Are they licensed and insured?  What is there skill level regarding their work?
  4. What sort of follow-up programs does your company have regarding final completion walk-through, initial maintenance, grow-in period and long-term warranty?
  5. What sort of understanding do you have of my site conditions including suitable plant materials, soil, weather, lot orientation, etc.?  Have you visited my job and walked the site personally?
  6. Does your company have a valid Work's Compensation policy?  Any recent claims?  What type?
  7. Does your company have any litigation against it?  May I visit the Contractors State License Board website to check? (www.CSLB.ca.gov)
  8. If additional work or a change in scope is required for any job, how do you handle the change? (ie, formal change order in advance of the work being performed or after the fact?)
  9. Has a lien ever been placed on the homeowner's job as the result of your actions as a contractor?
  10. Will you and your firm continue to support my project after completion and visit the job periodically to check on its condition?

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